About Me

Being born in 1955, one should have seen quite a bit of the world in the meantime. And as I am a truly cosmo-political person I did enjoy life!

My Vision

  • set a learning environment which is unique to the benefit of learners
  • use state-of-the-art market available tools instead of special software
  • Incorporate didactically known best practices and adapt them to the professional behaviors and expectations of “millennials”
  • learning can be fun and should also be fun with digital learning tools

My Mission

  • to make learning fun & enjoyable
  • to transport the thought / behavior that only you can achieve something. NO ONE will take over something for you!
  • to generate a general understanding that life, for the most part, writes the story you dictate.
  • the comprehension of change and the unknown / new as desirable
the uniqueness

My approach to self-dedicated learning

it is not something revolutionary, nor new nor unrecognized so far. It is more about combining the lessons learned & the user feedback over the decade(s) to avoid wasting of time & energy for the learners! Ultimate goal would be that people are motivated to come back on their own drive and are willing & keen to start the next learning adventure

from the known to the unknown

break down of complexity in digestible slices

offer common, daily analogies

do not take anything for granted

keep required computer technology skills of learners to the minimum

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